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My academic background:

I have an HES diploma from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL/HES-SO). Since then, I have been what we call a repeat entrepreneur. So, since the age of 24, I have been creating successful companies, brands and concepts. 

I am doing a stint at SAWI in digital strategy in 2019, another in Neurosciences in 2021 then in personal development in 2023. I obtained a CAS in Food and Behavior at the University of Sion, a First Aid Certificate in Mental Health from from Pro Mente Sana and I am completing training as an Art Therapist in Cuisine Therapy © (diploma in December 2023).

My superpowers: 

- Event management has no secrets for me, I like to think outside the box, my organization is precise and professional. Like a Gepetto,I give life to your projects, I manage them, I liven them up, I stage them with taste,authenticity and responsibility. I make sure your events are stampedBeautiful Good Good

- My skills intransition/change management support you in your HR strategies. People are at the heart of my job and the quality ofTeam building workshops that I propose is recognized.

- I train children and adults to sustainable eating with energy and enthusiasm. 

-In the kitchen I am creative and self-taught. I like what is natural and a little wild even if nothing is ever really left to chance. I work on tastes, emotions, colors and textures,I offer a catering service for your events. 

- I hostpersonal development workshops (individual or collective) during which I demonstrate empathy and listening. When I put on my capTherapeutic Kitchen ©, I offer you a confidential and secure framework to discuss the subjects you want to share, with complete peace of mind. 

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